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Trivia Rules




It is understood that all teams that meet/play at a business will pay $150 for the season (regardless if you use your business name or not) to be entered in the contest.  Your business will receive unlimited promotional mentions during every broadcast.  Any business that sponsors a category or the show, does not have to pay the $150 fee.

Teams are allowed to have more then one person call in with the team’s answers, however only one answer is allowed to call per question.  The team will decide who will call in with the attempted answers, but no more then one answer per category per team is allowed.  The first answer for that category is the accepted answer.   The top 10 teams cash in on cash and prizes at the Lac Vieux Desert Tuesday Night Team Trivia Banquet.

Week # 14, the questions will be asked at the Banquet, where no computers or cell phones are allowed.  There will be no sharing of answers with others teams at the final night at the Casino.  Each team will be allowed to send up to a designated amount of people to play the game at the Banquet.  The number will be set at least 2 weeks before the banquet.  Date of that banquet is set for May 16, 2014.

The program will start on February 18, 2014  and run from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm on Tuesday Nights, other then week # 14, where the 14th Week will run the night of the banquet.

People have one week to appeal the answers.  Appeals are done by giving documented proof of your answer and source of the answer.  Appeals given will be announced on the air the following week.  Appeal rejections will be given via e-mail back to the team making the appeal.  No appeals on Week # 14.

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