Northern Waters Trivia


Y-101/LVD-Northern Waters Casino Resort Wednesday Trivia
Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the remainder of the weekly Trivia.  Scores will be through week #9.  The finals that were scheduled for August 21st have been postponed.  We hope to get them in, and we’ll  make sure we get in touch with everyone.
e-mail:  [email protected] or send us a message through Facebook, if you have any questions.

Wednesday Night Trivia
Y-101/LVD Northern Waters Casino Resort

Advertising – Settler’s Co-Op Bruce Crossing
Animals – Kirkish Furniture of Houghton
Automotive – Big Valley Ford, Doge Chrysler, Jeep – Ewen
Children – Settler’s Federal Credit Union – Bruce Crossing & Watersmeet

By The Numbers – Gogebic Community College
Local History – Ontonagon County & Midway Telephone Companies
Match Game – George’s Shamrock – Ontonagon 
Name That Movie – Midway Telephone Company
Outdoor Recreation – Gogebic Range Bank – Ewen & Bergland
Potpourri – LVD/Northern Waters Casino Resort – Watersmeet
Riddle Me This – Miner’s State Bank – Ontonagon
Sports – Citizen’s State Bank – Ontonagon
Television – Al’s Auto – Bruce Crossing
Who Am I –  Ewen Building Supply


It is understood that all teams that meet/play at a business will pay $150 for the season (regardless if you use your business name or not) to be entered in the contest.  Your business will receive unlimited promotional mentions during every broadcast.  Any business that sponsors a category or the show, does not have to pay the $150 fee.

Teams are allowed to have more then one person call in with the team’s answers, however only one answer is allowed to call per question.  The team will decide who will call in with the attempted answers, but no more then one answer per category per team is allowed.  The first answer for that category is the accepted answer.

Point value is based upon the week of the Y-101 Northern Waters Casino  Tuesday Night Team Trivia.  Week # 1, 1 point question per category, Wk # 2, 2 points per question, Wk # 3, 3 points per question.  All the way up to Week # 12 where each question is worth 12 points.   The top 10 teams cash in on cash and prizes at the finals, Week #12,  which will be held on May 10, 2019 at the Northern Waters Casino Resort.

July 28, 2020

1HENRY’S INN  725225607772358
2ROUSSEAU BAR  554050606380348
3TIGE’S BAR  664440544280326
4SUNNYSIDE  674445485656316
5THE OLD PEOPLES  604440484956297
6GEORGE’S SHAMROCK  66240545680280
7LAST MINUTE WANNA BEES  653230485649280
8LOGGERS ALLEY  562420364256234
9DA BLOATED CARCASS 542025304248219
10AL’S PALS  512830363524204
11SHE & I  4004030056166
13EAGLES CLUB 680000068
14BREW’S PUB  630000063
15TEAM TITANS  168000024